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Welcome to friends from various circles visit shandong zhaojin import and export co., LTD. Web site! I would like on behalf of the company together with all staff to visit your express our sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks!
Shandong zhaojin import and export co., LTD., membership in 500 strong enterprise - shandong zhaojin group co., LTD., is a specialized in the import and export business of circulation enterprises, the main export silver, gold salt, silver salt, copper concentrate, etc., import mine mechanical and electrical equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, iron ore, iron and steel, etc. The company makes products with high confidence, and to set up a quality service prestige, has the trust of our customers, won the majority of customer support, the year into exports reached more than 7000 dollars, the enterprise in China has certain influence.
As modern society develops rapidly, the Internet has become an important impetus to the growth of the world economy. Global economic integration advancement speeding up unceasingly, the countries all over the world international trade between noticeably increased, the international electronic commerce development become the new tide tend. Faced with the new development environment, zhaojin import and export will deal with international competition law and business standard, the principle of "faith, reputation, trust" business philosophy, advanced technology and management, and strive to provide quality and efficient, safe environmental protection services and products, and promote the healthy development of their business, with the excellent performance to return customers, and social returns!
The company's development is inseparable from the social from all walks of life and customer support, I sincerely welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to visit our guidance, and to establish long-term mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation!

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