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     Shandong Zhaojin import and export Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2008,belonging to Shandong Zhaojin Group,which specializes in import and esport business and the currency of domestic trade.

     As the foreign trade and the exchange window of Shandong Zhaojin Group,since the establishment of eight years ago,rilying on the advantages of parent company,we have committed gold,silver and other precious metals,copper,iron and other ferrous metals,domestic and foreign trade of large equipment,cumulating foreign exchange $200 million.

     Currently,the import commodities of the company are:mining machinery and electrical equipment,raw and auxiliary materials,iron ore,gold and siver in  copper concentrate,sulfur, aluminium oxide, aquaculture,timber, agricultural by-product,liquefied petroleum gas;the export commodities are:siver,glod salts,siver salts,mining equipment accessories and related products.



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